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Thank you for supporting WomanPreach! Inc. Your prayers, support, and partnership empower us to train and equip preachers to speak boldly from the pulpit and in the public arena in service to the Gospel. Consider becoming a monthly supporter. Your gift is tax-deductible as we are a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.Good news! If you shop, you can now do it with purchases through their "SMILE" portal. will return .5% on qualified purchases. Just go through the WomanPreach! Inc. portal at Support WomanPreach at Consider buying a copy of an original piece of art by our founder, Dr. Valerie Bridgeman. The poster, for $25, is titled "HolySpaceHolyWoman." All proceeds go to WomanPreach! Inc. Click here for more information about the poster. You may purchase through our "Purchase NOW!" portal. Thank you.


Example for directed giving:

    • $250 underwrites a scholarship for any of the two-day programs (Chloe's Circle, Sophie's Table, and Women's Work)
    • $2,500 underwrites a scholarship to Jarena Lee Preaching Academy
    • $400underwrites the travel for one staff member to onsite events
    • $55,000 underwrites the entire Jarena Lee Preaching Academy
    • $500 covers the required financial audit for non-profit organizations
    • $18,000 underwrites a quarter-time salary for the executive director
    • $12,000 underwrites a part-time administrative assistant position
    • $1,500 covers web management and hosting