Jarena Lee Preaching Academy

“And why should it be thought impossible, heterodox, or improper for a woman to preach? seeing the Saviour died for the woman as well as for the man. If the man may preach, because the Saviour died for him, why not the woman? seeing he died for her also. Is he not a whole Saviour, instead of a half one?” – Jarena Lee

j leeNamed for the first female preacher in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, The Academy is a four day intensive academy that empowers and equips attendees to speak in their own prophetic voice whether from the pulpit or in other public arena. The academy provides opportunities to craft and preach sermons and to think seriously about the prophetic role. Attendees, women preachers of the African diaspora, experience camaraderie and mentorship. Coaches provide mentoring and leadership, while the academy offers space and time to re-create and rest. The Academy continues the historic legacy of prophetic preaching by Black women preachers. Participants receive:

  • camaraderie and rest
  • 4 days of personal and group instruction
  • an opportunity to practice/enhance own preaching skills with professional feedback and encouragement
  • Space to explore new ideas, new styles, new expressions
  • an opportunity for self care and recreation

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