Sophie’s Table: Conversations Among Siblings

“A woman who preaches the gospel today IS prophetic as she speaks despite male preachers that resist or dismiss [her]. [She] walks in the footsteps of Phoebe and Huldah and Jarena Lee.”
~ Rev. Dr. Marvin McMickle, Currently President, Professor of Church Leadership, Director of the Program of Black Church Studies at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School

“I am reminded that God does not always (or maybe even often) break through down the main streets of our lives, but often in dark alleys, back roads, stables; even among and through people who aren’t necessarily newsworthy in and of themselves, but who are open to the wonder and work of the Divine….”
~ Former Executive Director, Rev. Charisse Tucker, 2009-2013

64877_559832500705901_597535539_nSophie’s Table is a result of earnest conversations with several preaching men who saw the deep value in a forum where preaching men could learn together about issues confronting the women they pastor. These brothers said that they wanted that conversation to be among their female preaching colleagues. Thus, Sophie’s Table was born. The title, “Sophie’s Table: Conversations Among Siblings,” is a nod toward strong wisdom traditions, to which men have been called as far back as Proverbs. We chose the term “siblings” to signify that all genders and gender nonconforming persons are welcome in the conversation.

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