Women’s Work

“Attending this workshop instilled in me boldness to preach what the text is conveying and a deeper desire to proclaim God’s Word in my own voice.”
~ Stacy Dandridge, young minister, Women’s Work attendee (Memphis, TN)

“I am tired of protecting men who use the church as their playground. For money, for women, for power, for fame. I am tired. I am angry. And I get to be. I am tired of being nice. Nice is NOT woman’s work.”
~ Jaha Zainabu, fierce warrior woman, and artist-in-residence for WomanPreach! Inc.

200738_456179081071244_1366813923_nWomen’s Work preaching workshops are held in churches across the country. These workshops give participants practical ways to get into the text and find a prophetic message and voice while proclaiming it. We give participants an opportunity to work on sermons and some attendees have an opportunity to preach and get direct feedback from WomanPreach! Inc. cohort leaders and mentors. Students get to work through texts that trouble, stir, and challenge the people of God and to find voice, process, and courage to preach. If you are interested in hosting a Women’s Work clinic, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@womanpreach.net.

“No one is your friend (or kin) who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow…or belittles in any fashion the gifts you labor so to bring to the world.”
~ Alice Walker, In Search of Our Mother’s Garden