Jarena Lee Preaching Academy

Named for the first female preacher in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, The Academy is a one-week intensive of 25-35 women that empowers and equips attendees to speak in their own prophetic voice whether from the pulpit or in other public arena. The academy provides opportunities to craft and preach sermons and to think seriously about the prophetic role. Attendees, women preachers of the African diaspora, experience camaraderie and mentorship. Coaches provide mentoring and leadership, while the academy offers space and time to re-create and rest. The Academy continues the historic legacy of prophetic preaching by Black women preachers.

Chloe’s Circle

Chloe’s Circle brings  women from different ethnic/racial backgrounds together over a weekend to foster deep conversations, understanding among different people, preaching/speaking strategies, and collaboration for future works of justice. Topics vary as women address some of our worlds most persistent ills.

Sophie’s Table

This is a result of earnest conversations held independently with several brothers. These men, preachers all, said they would value a forum where male preachers could learn together about issues confronting the women they pastor. These brothers said that they wanted that conversation to be among female preachers. The title, “Sophie’s Table,” is a nod toward strong, female wisdom traditions, to which men have been called as far back as Proverbs. We are excited about what these conversations yield in the way of justice and gospel.

Women’s Work

Women’s Work preaching clinics are held in churches across the country (and one day, we hope, around the world). These clinics give participants practical ways to get into the text and find a prophetic message and voice that is already in it. We give students an opportunity to work on a sermon and some to preach and get direct feedback from WomanPreach! Inc. coaches and mentors. Students get to work through texts that trouble, stir, and challenge the people of God and to find voice, process, and courage to preach.
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